Asterisk Blog

Need Ideas

December 13th 2006

I’ve got this awesome blog to keep up with, and although there are a bunch of things I know I could be putting on here, but I need ideas from the people.  My little site isn’t frequented that much, but that’s fine with me, I would like to see it grow and become a great resource…

MWI Notification

December 6th 2006

Since some people on the mailing lists are asking for this, I decided to release it into the public domain.

Asterisk MWI is an interesting animal. Most people don’t realize that the MWI light is turned on simply by the presence or absence of the msg.txt files in the voicemail user’s directory. Using the method I’m outlining here will allow you to keep the load light on any call servers and have the voicemail server(s) handle notification and voicemail storage. This method is also immediate, since every time a call is made, Asterisk does the processing and sending of the MWI instead of a cron job that’s run every X minutes…

Conversion Blues

December 4th 2006

We’ve finally begun our approach into the full-scale deployment of Asterisk across the entire system.  I will say, the number of options that you have when installing such an open system are staggering, as well as the cost involved in such a move.  It sorta gives the impression of why most companies choose to go with the hosted solution, or have another company just come in and do the work for them…